Best Bread Making Models For Home Bread Baking

In our last article we talked about some of the best philips bread machine models. Today we’ll be looking at some of the best bread makers available on the market and some great bread machine models to choose for your daily bread making.


sunbeam bread maker
sunbeam bread maker

According to breadmachinemom you find that the Sunbeam 5891 2 – Pound bread maker is amazing for it’s price, at only $63.99, the bread maker is having three bread sizes, viewing window, three crust preferences and delay start.

This features are so unique that it is almost impossible to find them in other pricier models than the Sunbeam. You can clean and use the Sunbeam very easily and also bake a perfect delicious bread easily.

It is also very durable, although, due to the low price tag, people may think that it won’t be durable as other expensive bread making machines. According to reviews given by professional bread bakers said that it makes a perfect bread in consistent manner and even outputs delicious breads.

The Sunbeam 5891 is extremely to use According to most of the reviewers, they decided on buying the bread maker after seeing other reviews that states the Sunbeam 5891 is the most easiest to use for beginners, and they don’t regret their decision.

The users that bought the bakers said they set the machine simply and follow the instructions as they were simple to follow, though one doesn’t necessarily need to read the manual before operating the machine.


If you happen to be a fan of gluten-free breads, then Cuisinart CBK 100 is for you, as the machine makes gluten free breads. According to its reviewers, the machine is very easy to use and makes amazing gluten-free bread that actually tastes like a real bread. Some parents and spouses that took part in the reviews said that although it is possible for them to eat other regular bread, the gluten free bread that Cuisinart machine makes is just as good as the ones available at stores or even better.

In some other cases, the crust comes out lighter than regular breads and when in gluten free mode, you can’t customize loaf size or color. As some of its users stated, the Cuisinart is very easy to operate, all you have to do is measure your ingredients, prepare them, push the baking button and wait some few hours.

As many other bread making machines, in the Cuisinart too, you have to separate wet and dry ingredients and at some cases set your ingredients to room temperature first. The machine is a bit heavy and can take some amount of space.

Here is a nice article on some of the best cuisinart bread machines available on the market, hope you’ll like it!


oster bread making machine

This baking machine priced at $58.00 is best to use by families having the capacity of 2-pound. It takes less than an hour to bake a bread and there is a large LCD display available to keep you informed during many stages and processes of bread making.

The Oster has 13 hour programmable timer that allows you to bake bread at any moment and has three crust including nine bread settings. Many customers that bought the machine are happy to have acquired such bread making machine as it is easy to use and nicely clean.

The main advantages of the Oster CKSTBRTW20 is the ability to use it in a large family, the availability of multiple settings and having a large LCD display. The downsides of the machine is that it’s a bit loud, and at times it tends to move around when making larger quantities.


Despite having lower price tag than its competitors, the Hamilton bread maker is tremendous and has a lot to offer. Remember Cruisinart CBK-100 reviewed above? Yeah! That one This one similarly also makes gluten free bread and also make breads that does not have trans fat or any sort of preservatives.

The simplicity of this bread making machine is way beyond doubts, all a user has to do is to select the right ingredients for their bread and add them to the machine and then select desired cycles, then press start.

The machine has 12 different cycles to choose from, among the 12 cycles there is the cake, quick bread and gluten free bread. Amongst its other options there is the 1.5 to 2 pound express setting. When you want to prepare ingredients ahead of time in order to have a fresh bread when needed, the delay timer function is your best friend in this amazing baking machine.

To recap everything, the Hamilton 29882 is best for its multiple cycle settings, ease of use and perfectly suitable for gluten free bread.


The last bread making machine on our list is the West Bend 41300 (check out its video) that has a reasonable price tag of $75 and a lot packaged features to offer. The West Bend bread maker is 2 pound bread size making machine, offering the options to bake from 1, 1 – 1/2, 1/2 – 2, 2 pounds of loaf size. As any regular bread making machines, the West Bend 41300 is no different as it comes with a programmed settings of 12 hour delay time and 3 crust setting.

At the end of the day, to recap the best suits of the West Bend 41300 we’d definitely look at the dual bled feature that allows the machine to make artisan type of bread while at home. Also, the 4 shaped sizes of loaf making spots ranging in between 1 – 2 pounds.

The machine also comes a measuring cup and spoon, knead blade removal tool digital control panel as well With the instructions there is a recipe included to make things further appealing for users.

Final Words

These are our recommendations for the top 5 small bread making machines, ranging from Sunbeam 5891, Cuisinart CBK-100, Oster CKSTBRTW20, Hamilton 29982 and West Bend 41300.

Among these five top machines within budget, you have all freedom to choose the one that fits your needs and with the right choice you will be making healthy breads easily in no time And that too from the comfort of your home, you will no more need to go to stores in order to buy bread, which are probably not as healthy as the ones you will bake.

For the gluten free fans, there are two machines that makes gluten free breads from this reviewed makers list. The Cuisinart CBK-100 that lets you bake gluten free bread, which actually tastes like natural regular bread. There is also the Hamilton 29982, which also allows you to bake your gluten free bread without so much hassle.