Philips Top Bread Machine Models For Easy Use

Freshly baked bread is always delicious. It can give you an un-forgetting experience, which will leave you craving for freshly baked bread each day you think of taking breakfast.

Unfortunately, depending where you come from, it can be a challenge to find freshly baked bread in the nearest kiosks. To save you all the hustles of moving from one shop to another in pursuit of fresh bread, you need a bread baker in your kitchen.

philips bread maker

Another challenge is, with many companies and sellers of bread makers flooding the market today, you might not even understand which machine is the best for you The following machines from Philips will reveal to you some of the best bread machine available today. Therefore if you are a complete newbie in this area, don’t worry, follow me to the end for this rare revelation.

Phillips bread maker model HD9045

When it comes to both home and kitchen appliances, Phillips is known as a huge brand name. Philips bread maker model HD9045 is one of the company’s bread makers, which has received most reviews as the best bread maker.

This model comes in different colors; namely white, black and silvery. Its control panel is located like a third of the way up on the front side of the machine. With its large viewing point on the top part, you can easily view the food as it cook.

It has four nonslip feet, just to ensure the machine is stable, while baking. Its handle is also perfectly designed to move it around for breeze. This is why it is rated as best bread machines from Philips.


This model allows you to make two different bread sizes. The smaller is of almost 750 g and the larger one can be of 100g. It has a built in timer, there you are assured of an accurate baking process for your bread. It also offers three standard crusts options, therefore giving you a variety of which you can choose from. It’s also very quiet for those who don’t like working under noisy environment, this is perfect for you


It is pricey and at times, and also it can be challenging when you are using it for the first time, in terms of operation.


This product is stable, and bakes silently. With its bread seizes, it fits even a larger family, or you can as well used it for smaller commercial purposes.

Phillips Bread maker model HD9015

This machine is also rated among the best bread makers, among the Philips designs. It is a 1kg capacity machine, and also a 550 wall machine. It has almost 12 programs including a rapid and dough selling bake.


The machine is very easy to use, therefore offers all user-friendly characteristics. Sleek and also sophisticated. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It produces bread in reasonable sizes and it is also reasonably compact.


It works best as a basic loaf maker, therefore if you want to use if for commercial purposes, you can look elsewhere. Due to its size also, it does not feet those who are after making gluten free as well as whole meal loaves. It also had poor instructions.


The product is cheap and gives quality bread. You should purchase it, it is very much convenient for a family setup.

The Viva collection, model HD9045/30

The product comes with 14 preset programs, which shows you how to bake bread. Good thing is that these programs are easy to use Its preset ability will take care of temperatures for you and so you will always be assured of freshly baked bread. Don’t worry, if you are in hurry to make loaves, you can do so by using those rapid programs embedded on it, and still you will get good results.


It has three browning levels, to give your crust that perfect look. The machine allows you to control temperature as you enjoy baking it the way you want it to be; whether medium, light or even dark crust since it has a temperature control system. Its user friendly too.


It is pricey too, and due to its size, it might pose a storage challenge, however depending on where you live. Conclusion

Even though it is pricey, it is worth the buy. This product ensures you enjoy freshly baked bread every time you wake up. It is an ideal product for a happy family. Simply get online and make an order, you won’t regret of its service

The daily collection HD9015/30

This is another best bread machines produced by Philips. Its is very easy to use and you can as well bake any flavor. It comes with 12 menus, with a timer, just to give you the best experience. It is white in color, therefore if you like white products this is suitable for you The product also has a three browning level effect, which enables you to choose what you need at any given time It has viewing window for you to monitor your bread and cleans easily.


You can easily view your food as you bake, since this machine has a viewing window. You can as well time yourself and wake up according to the product’s programmable timer, and bake your bread for the whole family. You can easily store it and therefore fit even in a limited space environment. it is very much affordable.


It comes mainly in white color, and so if you are choosy when it comes to color, this might be a disadvantaae.